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»February 21, 2010

An issue with physical drives on Windows 7 was corrected in All Image 1.3.2.
» August 28, 2009

All our products have been verified to be compatible with Windows 7. Minor modifications were made to System Monitor 1.5.1.
» May 21, 2007

An issue with Virtual Drive Manager and Windows Vista was corrected in All Image 1.3.1.
» February 19, 2007

All our products are now compatible with Windows Vista. All Image 1.3 has also received a few new features. Choose Check For Updates under the Help menu for more information.
» May 2, 2006

A few issues related to dual-core CPUs were fixed in System Monitor 1.4.2 which is now available to download.
» February 27, 2006

As an effect of our changed company name and logotype, new versions of all products have been released.
» December 9, 2005

Minor features and improvements were added to both Instant Backup 1.3.1 and All Image 1.2.2 which are now available.
» November 16, 2005

System Monitor 1.4 now includes the ability to search remote computers for files, folders or running processes. It also includes other new features and improvements.
» October 13, 2005

An issue related to open/save file dialogs was fixed in Floppy Image 2.3.2 which is now available. A few minor issues were fixed in Trace Remover 1.2.2.
» October 7, 2005

Some minor fixes were incorporated in All Image 1.2.1 which is now available.
» October 3, 2005

The scheduler was redesigned and a few new features were added in Instant Backup 1.3 which is available to download.
» September 16, 2005

All Image 1.2 now comes bundled with Virtual Drive Manager. This update fixes all reported issues and adds a few new features.
» July 20, 2005

A few issues were fixed and ISO image file support for CD/DVDs were added in All Image 1.1 which is now available to download.
» July 5, 2005

System Monitor 1.3 is now available for download. New features has been added and the connection procedure for remote hosts has been improved. To get more information choose Check For Updates under the Help menu.
» June 13, 2005

A few minor bugs when handling USB Flash Drives were fixed in All Image 1.0.1. Documentation for the command line interface was also added.
» June 1, 2005

We are proud to present our latest application All Image 1.0 which is now available to download in a 14-days trial version. This application can create image files of any disks. Create bootable USB Flash Drives (Memory Sticks, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, etc) to use instead of bootable floppy disks. Wipe disks 100% clean using secure methods and much more.
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